What is Refersion

Refersion.com is the system we use for Sivana Ambassador Program! When you apply to the Sivana Ambassador Program, your application is input to Refersion.com. Through Refersion, ambassadors are able to log in and see their referral code (referral code), financials, conversion details, payment history, and your personal settings. Under settings, you can edit your name & address, payment settings (PayPal email), and edit your password. 

Your login for Refersion.com is the email you used to apply to the program with and the password you entered on your application as well! If you can't remember your password, make sure you do the "Forgot Your Password" link. Make sure you log into the "Affiliate" login! Refersion is FREE for all affiliates. 

Login link: https://www.refersion.com/affiliate/login

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