About Sivana

Sivana Spirit is a yoga lifestyle company that lives and breathes the values of the east! Family owned and operated since the beginning, co-owners (and brothers) Benn and Sam have weaved eastern inspirations into every aspect — developing an incredible array of clothing, jewelry, and spiritual items that allow customers to bring timeless elegance into their homes and deeper into their lives.

But what Sivana is selling isn’t the only story worth telling.

For these brothers, it wasn’t enough to have an amazing company; giving back was integral to their vision, and who they are as people. With that in mind, they decided to make Sivana into a community hub and giving partner. This would allow people to learn, discuss, grow, and feel good about being part of a brand that takes conscious living seriously.

This led to the creation of several important (and unique) programs, some of which have been in development for years:


  • Fair Trade- Sivana does everything it can to ensure its products are as Fair Trade as possible. They have deep relationships with their vendors, and have continued partnerships with artisans and craftsmen all over the east, including Nepal, Indonesia, and India.
  • Sivana East- Headed up by their content manager, Matt Caron, Sivana’s blog has become a burgeoning community. What started as a small blog to explain products more in-depth now has over 400 writers and contributors all sharing their experiences and knowledge of Eastern philosophy. Read it here: www.sivanaeast.com
  • Sivana Podcast- Sivana also launched a top-rated podcast with Ashton Szabo. He tells stories of Hindu Deities and their symbolism, holds interviews with inspiring people in the yoga community, and talks about Eastern philosophies and spirituality. Find out more here: www.sivanapodcast.com
  • SevaChild- And Sivana’s newest endeavor, their partnership with SevaChild, is starting to take off! Back in December 2015, Sivana partnered with SevaChild to help supply and distribute vitamin A to Indian children in desperate need. Every purchase helps these children in a massive way. It prevents blindness, skin diseases, and even stunted growth. Literally life-changing. Learn more about SevaChild Here.

Sivana is ever-changing, with Benn and Sam planning many fun and surprising offers for the community at large. Without a doubt, things look bright! And if a business is a reflection of its owners, then it stands to reason Sivana will endear itself to many people; not just with awesome products, but with intention...now, and into the future.

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