How do I open my Rajasthani Fancy Perfume Oil bottle?

So sorry you are having problems opening your perfume oil bottle!

Inside the box should be a small yellow piece of paper, possibly folded up (so it could be easy to miss), which has instructions on how to open it:

"Dip the neck of your fancy hand made bottle in water for 30 seconds. Gently twist to open the lid. If the seal is still hard, then put back in water for a few more seconds. Try again by gently twisting the lid. Remove the seal from the lid while it is still wet; a great amount of care is required while handling and opening of this bottle, as it is delicate glass bottle made by hand. This beautiful bottle is made to grace your dressing table. It is not possible to carry in your hand bag after it is opened."

And voilà - your perfume is now ready to use, enjoy!

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